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The Importance of Compact Aggregate

Our company has replaced many a slumped concrete slab that was simply poured on top soil. Why is a compact sub-base important for a concrete slab on grade? There are a number of reasons

#1) Compacted and leveled gravel provide an even surface for the concrete to distribute its weight over. An uneven sub-base results in varying thickness in a slab of concrete, this creates weak points and leads to unnecessary cracking.

#2) Structurally compacted gravel distributes weight far better than organic fill. Just take a look to see how our roads are built. Dump truck after dump truck build up the road with “road-base aggregate; this is followed by a regimen of compaction from various machines. It doesn’t take a road crew to build a driveway but the principles remain the same.

#3) Compacted aggregate naturally drains very well, this is important as frost heaving in the winter is directly related to moisture content in the soil. Concrete is porous and over time water will find its way under your concrete slab.  A compacted aggregate sub-base underneath will help to prevent moisture buildup and lengthen the life of your concrete.

It doesn’t take much, even 3-4” of compacted gravel goes a long way. You can count on Defined Concrete to ensure your concrete installation will be built to last!

Written by John Benjamins.