Lower Mainland Concrete Services


Construction & Landscapes

Cedar Privacy Fences

Looking for a competitive price on cedar fencing? We work with local lumber yards to provide the best cedar fence panels for your yard, choose from a selection of panels in quality and style.


A beautiful way to frame your outdoor space. Consider the impact of oversize timbers and rough cut beams overhead. Pergolas cut down the sun in summer heat without blocking it out all together. Consider adding clear panels over top to create a dry zone for your patio with the added benefit of allowing light while blocking harmful UV rays. Endless colouring options exist through various transparent, semi-transparent and opaque stains. Ask what might be right for your home.


Craftsman decks and extensions utilizing the excellent lumber available in the Lower Mainland. We also refinish existing decks through pressure washing and stains. We offer choices of aluminum and glass insert railings and also shade solutions for overhead.

Garden Trellis and Arbors

A garden or deck trellis creates a unique opportunity for creeping vines and plants to thrive. It can add the touch of green to a patio or deck. Arbors work best as sort of outdoor entrance, framing a walkway and also acting as a trellis for plant life.


Machine work

We have a machine for the job you need. We work with narrow entrances down to 40″ using a mini-bobcat. We can handle large scale projects with a full size excavator and any grading needs with the skid steer.

Garden Construction

From the simple design and placement of beds with high grade black soil to full scale plantings.

Raised Garden Beds

Why work on your hands and knees when your garden could be waist high? Raised beds of all sizes can be built from western red cedar ties, block stone, or even custom formed concrete. A raised garden provides better access to light and allows for exceptional drainage in the soil, perfect for our climate.

Retaining Walls

A great way to add layers and depth to your gardens. We specialize in the placement of dry stack rock walls which utilize stone from the exceptional quarries surrounding the lower mainland. We can also provide decorative concrete retainers featuring exposed aggregate surfaces. We also place the commonly used and very popular Allan-block system.

Sod, Turf and Landscape Restoration

Tired of contractors who leave your home and property a mess? Want a complete job? We offer landscape restoration and complete lawn replacement. We work with a number of turf farms in the lower mainland to provide your home with the correct type of sod whatever the soil condition.

Accent Rocks

Placing larger rocks within a garden creates a beautiful and unique accent, something to draw the eye towards. It also gives depth to the garden and contrasts against any plantings.

Tree Planting

Although we are not horticulturists, we can professionally plant a wide variety of trees from larger deciduous leafed single installs to full cedar hedges. We can help you source plants from within the Lower Mainland.


We can provide an array of drainage solutions. We offer placement of drains in existing concrete driveways and patios, yard drainage which connects to perimeter and sewage drains, French drains for problem areas in the yard and entire refits for yards which feature the all too common problem of grass on clay. Projects can be extensive, including the excavation of a lawn and placement of high drainage soil sloped to drainage followed by a professional re-sodding.

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