Lower Mainland Concrete Services


Accent Boulders



One of the quickest and most dramatic ways to enhance your landscape is the use of quarried boulders, accent stones and decorative aggregate. Naturally, our surroundings here in the Lower Mainland offer up some of the best aggregate and quarried rock in the world. Boulders offer a stunning impact in gardens and help to bring a sense of the rugged which can contrast wonderfully against the softness of flowers and other plantings.  The natural colourations within the rock can enhance overall colour design in a given area.  Different types of boulders can also serve to enhance the look of decorative stamped concrete. They lend a further authenticity to the stamp work and texture found in the concrete.  Again, coordination in colouring between the rock and the concrete can really help to tie the patio to the overall landscape.

Rock is also relatively cost effective. This can allow for an opportunity to create something of real significance. We work with quarries and dealers to coordinate the right choice for your home and can help to set up oversize rock installations, bring the mountainside home with boulders as large as 5’x5′ and bigger!

Written by John Benjamins.